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Commander Social is a podcast about the Magic: the Gathering variant, Commander! Your hosts Ryan, and Zack attempt to entertain you with interesting anecdotes about the game of Magic, including their experience running a Commander league.

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Aug 7, 2019
  1. Thanks
    1. Mike Condon for the music and editing
    2. Patron @chrisvondoom1 
    1. @chrisvondoom1 - 1:01
    2. @MothershipGames - 1:43, 27:23
    3. @edhrec - 10:20, 29:35
    4. @danaroach - 22:05, 34:36
    5. @CMDRCentral_Max - 22:05, 29:18
    6. @CCOPodcast, @CCOBrando, @dpkrausejr, @GingerJ0E - 22:05
    7. @scryfall - 43:15
  2. Ep 9 Community Spotlight:
    1. 706.12
  3. Commander Rules!
    1. What is the Vegas Rotisserie
      1. Define what a rotisserie draft is
      2. It’s on Twitter
      3. It’s for Charity - Supporting Dell Children’s Hospital - https://www.dellchildrens.net 
      1. So Ryan tells me he has this idea he wants to tell me, but he wants to tell me to my face. We meet up for lunch at BDubs as we are wont to do. Ryan tells me about this rotisserie draft thing and as a fantasy football player I was TOTALLY in! 
        1. Charity
          1. This is REALLY important to us. Being able to use our podcast to make the world a better place has always been one of our biggest goals.
        2. Interaction with the community
        3. Having fun!
      2. The Idea def hit all of the checkboxes we want to be doing
    2. How we came up with the idea
      1. Thanks to the ppl who helped
        1. Kelly
        2. Lee
        3. BJ
        4. Peter
        5. T.H.
        6. Mike
      2. Huge Thank You to Lee for creating the spreadsheet! 
    3. The Mock Draft
      1. Drafters and their most likely commanders
        1. Dana - From @cmdrcentral
          1. Marchesa, the Black Rose
          1. Anafenza, the Foremost
        2. Max - From @cmdrcentral
          1. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis
        3. Ryan - From @CCOPodcast
          1. Horde of Notions
        4. Brando - From @CCOPodcast
          1. Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest
        5. Danny K - Friend of the show. Attender of GPs
          1. Mayael the Anima
        6.  Joe Hoffman - Friend of the show
          1. Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
        7.  Ryan Greene - One of your hometown heroes from @commander Social
          1. Yarok, the Desecrated
        8.  Zack Taylor  - One of your hometown heroes from @commander Social 
        1. Ryan - Talk about how I chose which commanders to pick
        2. Zack - Going with my the most A1 BOLD picks I can think of and going by my gut!
          1. We looked at what the most likely Commanders for each player would be
          2. Determined cards we thought might be highly contested
            1. Ryan - Ramp
            2. Zack - Enters the Battlefield effects
          3. Determined what cards would be most important to our decks strategy
        3. Picking cards for the 99
      2. How we are making picks
        1. Community members can donate to their favorite content creator in the draft
        2. Each $5 donated to a player increases their overall budget by $1, and adds 5 points to their “Power-Up pool”
          1. “Cut the line” - 50 points - Make a pick instantly. Then the draft continues as normal. This does not take your turn for the round. Limit one per player
          2. “Wait your turn” - 100 points - Cause target drafter to go last this draft round. Limit one per player
          3. “Clone” - 250 points - This round you may select a card that has already been drafted. This allows you to break the rules of the rotisserie format. Limit one per player
          4. “Blatant Thievery” - 500 points - You steal a previously drafted card from another player. That player immediately makes a replacement pick. The player stolen from gets their budget returned for the stolen card. Limit one per player.
        3. Each player may spend their Power-Up points in the following manner:
      3. Community Engagement
    4. The Current Draft
      1. Here’s where the Rules/FAQ/Spreadsheet are
        1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10oHVjnokpsGH1_PIrvSQv6Ikm6PdOXre?usp=sharing 
          1. We have made these publicly available, so that ANYONE out there can run their own rotisserie draft
          1. Main tab “Group Picks” pulls all the picks into one easy place for your group and/or the public to follow along
          2. Stops folks from picking duplicates. This is important when there are nearly 600 individual cards picked
          3. Tracks your balance for you
          4. Formats the tweet, so you literally just have to hit a single button, and it will Tweet your pick, your remaining budget, the hashtag you have chosen, and @ the next person whose turn is after yours
          5. Creates some nice little charts and graphs that show your mana curve, card types, and colors
        2. The spreadsheet does everything for you
      2. Determine your players - We’ve done a draft with exactly 8 players, because this makes for 2 pods of 4 players, and should ensure decently powerful decks
      3. Set a budget - We chose 200, and this excludes mana-producing lands, because we thought that might be less interesting to watch, and it allows people to only have to make 70 picks instead of 100
      4. Determine your “Draft hours window”. Ours is currently from 10am - 10pm Central, but obviously this might change depending on your group
      5. Depending on how “available” your group is, this can take up to 4 weeks to make all of the picks
    5. How to run your own Rotisserie Draft
      1. https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.team&teamID=47038
    6. Summary - This is super fun! We encourage anyone out there that has a playgroup to consider doing this. Let us know what you think, and there’s probably still time to get a donation in for a good cause:
  4. Main Topic - The Rotisserie
  5. Commander Social Intro and Outro Theme
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