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Commander Social is a podcast about the Magic: the Gathering variant, Commander! Your hosts Ryan, and Zack attempt to entertain you with interesting anecdotes about the game of Magic, including their experience running a Commander league.

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Nov 27, 2018
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  2. Ep 74 Community Spotlight:
    1. Picking an Event
      1. What do you want to do at a MtG event? Be sure to pick an event that meets your expectations.
        1. Casual Commander - Recommend SCG Con or GP Vegas
        2. Main Event/Tournament
        3. Side Events - Limited/Modern/Standard/Commander
        4. Collect art/cards/meet MtG Celebrities
        5. Meet with friends and hang out (best part of MtG Events)
          1. Las Vegas has some amazing food and attractions
          2. Seattle his the home of the WotC and The Mox Boarding House
        6. Is it in a city that interests you?
        1. Choose an event that meets your budget and travel capabilities
        2. Costs can be shared - discuss more in budgeting section of notes
      2. Travel and Budget
      1. Make travel plans early.
        1. If flying use a site like Kayak to set a price alert to get the best deal.
        1. Advantage - Saves money/Share costs
        2. Disadvantage - Less privacy/Close Quarters/May be on other people’s schedules
          1. Not always close to the event
            1. No Maid Service
              1. Seattle Concierge Service had Umbrellas to loan out.
              2. Great source of info on where to eat and what to see
            2. No Concierge Service
            3. No room safe
            4. No Shuttle Service to and From/Airport
            5. No in hotel restaurant/bar
          2. Less amenities than a Hotel
        3. Air BnB tends to be cheaper, but:
      2. Advantages/Disadvantages of splitting Hotel/Air BnB costs
        1. Most events have at least 3 types of registration
          1. Main Event (Tournament) (Usually these days you are not allowed to register for a main event the day of the tournament)
            1. Limited
              1. SCG Con has a Commander Package
              2. Special access to a Commander Only Area
              3. Comes with other Extras such as playmats/pins/ and deck box
            2. Special/Commander
            3. On Demand (4 round) events
          2. Side Events
            1. Comes with some combination of the Main Event and/or Side Events with some added extras.
            2. Infinite Challenge Packages - Unlimited entries into a specific Side Event (not as common now)
            3. Extras typically include special access to a VIP party or head of the line privileges
          3. VIP Package
            1. Free/Cheap Events at GPs and MtG Cons
              1. Casual play where space is available
                1. GP Vegas is especially known for the large number of casual players
              2. Meeting artist
              3. Window Shopping
              4. Art Shows
              5. Panels (There were a couple of cool panels at GP Vegas this year. One on cosplay and how to make costumes. Another cool one was “Who’s Turn is it Anyway?” an improv show) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_7k_MDRu_o
              6. Special Side events sponsored by Content Creators. (Commanderin Cosplay Events)
                1. Play a game with your favorite MtG Celebrity
                2. Lines can be long for favorite Personalities
              7. Spellslinger Events
          4. You DO NOT have to buy any registration to enter and have fun at MtG event
      3. Pre-register for the events you want
    2. Preparing to Attend a GP/MtG event
      1. If flying:
        1. Pack cards and collection separate from luggage/clothing
        2. Do not check card collection.
          1. This may not be true for extremely budget airline ticket.
        3. You are typically allowed 1 carry on item and 1 personal item such as a backpack as long as it fits under the seat.
          1. What luggage are you allowed?
          2. Are there additional fees?
          3. What happens if you miss your flight?
            1. No moving seats
            2. No rebooking if you miss a flight if it is your fault
            3. First one to be forced off the flight if the flight is full
          4. Basic Economy tickets are very restricted.
        4. Read and Understand the terms of your ticket.
        5. Recommend getting the airlines Economy/Business Economy tickets (1 step above Basic Economy)
          1. For smaller regional airports, be there 2 hours a before the flight
          2. Large international hubs such as ATL or LAX, be there 3 hours before your departure
          3. REMEMBER: If your ticket says the plane leaves at 08:30, that means the doors close at 08:20. Once the doors on a plane are closed, you are not getting onto a plane.
          4. Expect to be delayed in at security due to your card collection. (This has happened to me just about every time! Mention JLK’s hilarious tweet: https://twitter.com/JoshLeeKwai/status/1053334228539064321 )
        1. Going a long distance driving?
          1. Share the driving with a friend
          2. Plan for stops
            1. FuelLog
            2. Triptik
          3. Budget for gas (apps can help plan this)
            1. Waze
            2. Mapquest
          4. Plan for Traffic (apps can help with this)
      2. If Driving:
        1. Try to limit yourself to one personal item filled with MtG cards/decks
          1. It is easier to maintain physical security of your collection if it is easy to handle and store.
          2. Ryan - I try to REALLY challenge myself to only bring the top 5 Commander decks I’m interested in playing for the weeknd (and maybe also a brawl deck or two). Also, a good idea to bring different decks of varying power level, cause you don’t know who you will play against all weekend
      3. Do NOT overpack
    3. Travelling
      1. Be Friendly and Open to New Experiences
        1. No one owes you their time
        2. Everyone’s else may have different ideas of what is fun
        1. Be aware of your surroundings
        2. Do not leave your stuff unattended
        3. Hook your backpack/travel bag to a chair leg or to you
        4. Make sure zippers are not easily opened
          1. If you have a large and/or expensive collection you can get insurance for it
          2. It is a special rider that is added to your homeowners or renters insurance.
          3. It is cheap
          4. For extremely price items, insurance companies will want physical proof such as receipt of purchase or a picture of the item.
          5. Keeping a digital copy of your decks/collection online can help you during a claim.
            1. A police report is required to file an insurance claim
            2. Inform the event organizers, let them know if there are any unique items that may identify the collection  
          6. If you are unfortunate and your collection is stolen at an event, immediately file a police report
        5. GET INSURANCE!
          1. Especially if you are in the Main Event
          2. On site food is typically overpriced and not the greatest quality.
        6. Bring Snacks and Water
          1. Ask random people to play with you
          2. Make a sign advertising
          3. Post to twitter with a picture of the table number you are at and the Hashtag for the event, e.g. #GPVegas
            1. Once started a game with someone’s casual deck - turned out to be a crazy Thassa combo deck that got Omniscience out on turn 4.
            2. Don’t get mad - be polite
            3. Find a group that you enjoy
            4. Make new friends
          4. Not all decks are made the same
        7. If you are just there to play Casual Commander
          1. Visit your favorite artist
            1. Card signing are typically $1 -$2 per signature
              1. Make sure to UNSLEEVE your cards while you are standing in line. Don’t be that person making everyone wait while you are unsleeving double-sleeved cards
            2. Be prepared with what you want. You are not the only person in line.
            3. Most artist love discussing their artwork, but be respectful of their time, especially if they are busy.
            1. It’s really cool to meet and have conversations with MtG Celebrities. Most of the ones I have met are super happy to sign a playmat, and you’ll come out with an amazing, one-of-a-kind souvenir
            2. It’s good to have a few different color of sharpies available
            3. Also, a playmat with a bright color background, makes sure signatures show up really well. (For example, the first playmat I made with the BW logo was on a black background, which just didn’t work out all that well).
            4. Blank playmats are often available at the tournament site
          2. Bring a playmat and some sharpies!
            1. Panels include everything from format specific discussions, comedy sketches, to instructional how to’s.
          3. Attend a Panel
            1. Most events are held in large cities
            2. Visit and experience the local sites
            3. Some really great after-hours experiences can be had, not limited to a great dinner out with some cool podcast hosts :-P
          4. Get out of the Convention Hall
        8. Events are more than Game Play
      2. Maintain your Personal and Physical Security
    4. Attending an Event
      1. Be prepared
      2. Manage Expectations
      3. Have Fun
    5. Summary
  3. Main Topic - How to make the most of a Big Magic Event


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