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Commander Social is a podcast about the Magic: the Gathering variant, Commander! Your hosts Ryan, and Zack attempt to entertain you with interesting anecdotes about the game of Magic, including their experience running a Commander league.

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Nov 20, 2019
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  3. Commander Rules!
    1. This topic is a little more on the psychological side of things, but I thought it would be an interesting thought experiment about why we play magic, and maybe why we like Commander chief amongst formats
    2. So, WHAT is Working for a Win? To me, it’s the notion that a close game or a hard fought game is more satisfying to win.
      1. I played a LOT of video games in the 80s. 
        1. Super Mario Brothers
        2. Zelda
        3. Mega Man
        4. Metroid
        5. Ghosts n’ Goblins
      2. These games were TOUGH! If you didn’t grow up playing these games, and you’ve never gone back and played them you can look up ppl playing these games on youtube
      3. Zack’s game was X-Com UFO Defense
      4. In order to beat many of these types of games, it required a LOT of persistence, and banging your head against a wall in frustration. Many of the games didn’t have a save system, so you just had to play repeatedly until you got good enough to beat them.
      5. There weren't any walkthroughs you could look up on the internet. There wasn’t internet. 
    3. Part of this may stem from growing up during the time that we grew up
      1. - That euphoric feeling when you finally DO best a video game.
        1. I remember I got in front of my TV and got my parents to take a “selfie” (ie polaroid) of me standing next to the credits when I beat the original Final Fantasy NES game. 
      2. Zack -  didn’t really get into beating games until college / post college when I beat the first few Halo games in a row as well as the first couple of Gears of War. It was an awesome feeling knowing these games were pretty difficult and there were a lot of times I just had to keep playing through to keep going. I remember getting soo mad at this on thing in GoW where I was behind like a counter and there was a dude on a cannon and two dude covering him and I’d jump out and die almost immediately. It took me two days to beat that I i remember being immensely proud when i did. 
    4. So WHY do we like working for a win?
      1. Disclaimer: This next bit mostly applies to Multiplayer games.
        1. I think Magic players WANT a good game. I think most people would describe a good game as one that is CLOSE. Essentially, I think Magic players want to WORK for their WINs. (Audience, do you think this is true?) 
        2. Even coming from a Standard / Modern grinder perspective games that are blowouts always felt like hollow victories. 
      2. If a game is a good game, and a close game, it will often feel like a puzzle. We as humans like feeling smart, and so it’s only natural that we enjoy solving puzzles. Part of what makes Magic such an amazing game is that it continually generates new and unique puzzles for us to solve.
        1. Example story about Dana getting 6 alt-lose kills in-a-row in back-to-back games. 
          1. Mirrodin Besieged:
            1. 2U Enchantment:
              1. As Mirrodin Besieged enters the battlefield, choose Mirran or Phyrexian.
      3. Getting good stories. Games where you have to Work for your Win often generate good stories. Another thing about us humans, we enjoy a good story.
    5. HOW does working for a win apply to Magic?
  4. Main Topic - Working for Wins
  • Mirran — Whenever you cast an artifact spell, create a 1/1 colorless Myr artifact creature token.
  • Phyrexian — At the beginning of your end step, draw a card, then discard a card. Then, if there are fifteen or more artifact cards in your graveyard, target opponent loses the game.
          1. Atemsis, All-Seeing
            1. 3UUU 4 / 5 Flying Sphinx
            2. 2U tap: draw two cards then discard a card
            3. When Atemsis, all-seeing deals damage to player you may reveal your hand and if there’s 6 different mana costs in the hand that player loses the game
          1. Once in league i was playing niv mizzet and just went off. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember everyone at the table was cheering for me to get the win and I did!
        1. Zack any good stories you want to share?
          1. Zack - This speaks to my philosophy on EDH where I don’t care if i win or loose, I just want to see crazy things happen! I want to have awesome stories to tell whether I win or lose!
        2. Also, I think that games with good stories are more satisfying for EVERYONE involved, win or lose.
        1. Ryan - I personally haven’t played very much cEDH
        2. cEDH players players probably do a fair amount of this, cause they have lots of interaction to fight through, so maybe their deck wins in the same way most games, but they are trying to balance WHEN to go for it, and when to leave up interaction for their opponents
        3. If you’re out there, and you like/play a lot of cEDH, holler at us, and let us know if this is correct, and how you might feel.
      1. cEDH (or Competative EDH) may really feel like this.
        1. This is why we have the talk to ensure everyone is playing an equally powered deck and thus have an equal chance at winning. 
      2. Why we all want decks of similar power levels, so that each game is not just a cake walk. Cake walks don’t generate good stories. 
      3. Ryan - Working for a win is part of why I personally don’t like playing a LOT of tutors. I do play some, but I often find I like to play more narrow tutors
      4. Working for a win is also probably a lot of the reason that I like playing with O.P.C. (cause it oftentimes makes the puzzle harder, or at least more interesting, AND the pieces of the puzzle change depending on WHO I’m playing against)
      5. Zack - working for a win for me is why i always like to play some convoluted combo in my decks, but not run tutors for them. I like the idea of having to fight to survive long enough to get the pieces assembled. Usually these are alt win cons. 
      1. Magic is the best game ever, and the ability to work for our wins is probably a big part of what makes magic so good. Did we get this right? Do you enjoy working for your wins? Let us know in the comments below, or via Twitter
    1. Summary:
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