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Commander Social is a podcast about the Magic: the Gathering variant, Commander! Your hosts Ryan, and Zack attempt to entertain you with interesting anecdotes about the game of Magic, including their experience running a Commander league.

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Mar 18, 2020
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  4. Ep 41 Community Spotlight:
    1. 721.2, 721.2a
  5. Commander Rules!
    1. Disclaimer: Zack and I have played a total of 5 or so games of cEDH between us, so we are by no means experts
      1. EDH pushed to the limit, with no compromises made in deck building. All legal cards/combos are fair game, as is stax, etc
    2. What is cEDH?
      1. We both love EDH, and it felt important for us to educate ourselves on cEDH
      2. We don’t plan on becoming Competitive Social or anything like that
      3. Since cEDH is part of EDH we wanted to have some experience playing so that we can have a frame of reference when discussing. 
        1. Here’s a good link: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/list-multiplayer-edh-generals-by-tier/
      4. We spent a lot of time reading about, and watching videos on cEDH, researched quite a few decks in the meta.
        1. http://budgetbrews.club/
        2. Discord: http://budgetbrews.club/#Discord
      5. Budget EDH page
      6. We thought folks out there might find it interesting if they have never thought about venturing into cEDH territory
    3. Why are we doing this episode?
      1. Ryan - 4 Color Curious Control, helmed by Thrasios + Vial Smasher
        1. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/4c-rashmi-curious-control/
        2. This Deck was suggested to me by “Someone” from the Spike Feeders via Twitter DM. Maybe Jim???
          1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-KHswpZF1k
        3. Video about Curious Control by the Lab Maniacs (Warning, they may have some adult language)
        1. Based on: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/urza-paradox-scepter/
        2. Zack’s Version: https://archidekt.com/decks/420449#Urza_Power_Scepter_-_Semi_Budget_(cEDH)
      2. Zack - Urza, Power Scepter
    4. Let’s talk about the decks we’ve made
      1. Played with Austin, and PJ from CommanderReplay
        1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrudMyVbtvyVyadYddhousA
        2. https://twitter.com/CommanderReplay
        1. Players
          1. Austin was playing Gitrog
          2. Zack was playing a borrowed Prosh + Food Chain combo deck
          3. PJ was playing a Boros, Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero deck
          4. Ryan was playing Curious Control
        2. PJ won on turn 4 or 5 with Gerrard, Loyal Retainers, and Grinding Station
        3. I had no idea what was going on. Austin was very kind and offered me advice, but a control deck is pretty hard to pilot when you’re not sure what is going on, and what all is possible (Hard to know what to counter, for example)
      2. Game 1
        1. Zack was going to get a new pod going, and we were waiting for some players to finish, so Austin, PJ, and I decided to shuffle up for a 3 player cEDH game
        2. PJ ended up winning this one is similar fashion, although, I think I did bad things like cast a Fire Covenant at sorcery speed, and countered the wrong spells, and basically stifled Austin (playing Gitrog), and was essentially king maker
      3. Game 2
    5. Games we played at Mothership
      1. Ryan
        1. Man, I am BAD at this format. I think a lot of this is unfamiliarity, and I’m sure that will come with time.
        2. It’s really interesting to play with all of these crazy combos/busted cards that I don’t normally play with, at least not in this density in my decks
        3. I feel like there is potentially more shuffling than in a normal game, because so much of the game is DEPENDANT on your starting hand. I think this is true because in a regular game of EDH, there is more time for you to play catchup, and often time folks will leave you alone if you’re mana screwed. That being said, being able to play a whole game in under half an hour is pretty sweet
        4. Fighting battles on the stack is pretty interesting, and not something we tend to see a whole lot of in our local meta
        5. I feel like I’m less able to express myself through Deck-building in cEDH, because I feel like many/most of the card choices for any given deck are necessary/required. Maybe my thoughts on this will change over time? I just know that many of the goofy/random type things I like to do in regular EDH are not viable in cEDH (example: Mr. OPC). That being said, I still think cEDH is pretty cool, and I want to get to know the format better.
        1. Playing cEDH was very disorienting the first time because I was playing a borrowed deck, but I still had fun!
        2. Ryan and I played tonight against each other and it was only slightly less disorienting than the last time, but it was a little easier knowing the deck and I still had fun.
        3. I think mulling correctly is important. I think you want to mull aggressively to get at least part of your combo or cards to get your combo.
        4. To play cEDH seriously I think you would have to study the meta of tiered cEDH decks to be able to combat them when playing yours and when playing EDH I’d rather be surprised at what people are playing vs seeing a commander and knowing it’s exact lines of play. 
        5. I’m interested in casually playing cEDH when opportunities arise and I def see the appeal to it. 
      2. Zack - 
        1. We made sure that all 4 people knew exactly what we were signing up for, and I think that’s important. 
        2. Also, I think most cEDH players genuinely DON’T want to pub stomp. 
        3. Playing a crazy tuned cEDH deck versus non cEDH decks doesn’t seem like it would be much fun for the cEDH player
      3. We were playing socially, and having fun with folks during the games of cEDH that we played. 
    6. Our thoughts about cEDH
  6. Main Topic - Our First Foray into cEDH
    1. What do you think about cEDH? Have you tried it? Let us know your experiences!
    2. Commander is many things, to many different people. cEDH is just one way to play this game, and it’s a valid way to play. 
    3. EDH and cEDH are not mutually exclusive. PJ and Austin both had non-cEDH decks with them, and we had fun playing a few games of regular EDH before we dove into cEDH 
    4. It’s really cool that there are so many different ways to play Magic, and even with Commander there are many ways to play. Magic is a great game, and everyone should be allowed to enjoy it the way they like
  7. Summary
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    1. Komiku - Battle of Pogs
    2. https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
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