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Commander Social is a podcast about the Magic: the Gathering variant, Commander! Your hosts Ryan, and Zack attempt to entertain you with interesting anecdotes about the game of Magic, including their experience running a Commander league.

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Contact us on Twitter @commandersocial
Ryan - @greenegeek
Zack - @z4ck38

Email: cast@commandersocial.com

Jul 22, 2020
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    4. Twitter contest - Make your own themed jumpstart booster and let us know what you’d put in it!
  2. You can find us on Twitter
    1. https://www.patreon.com/posts/39284479
  3. We are hosting a Historic Brawl tournament for charity on MtG Arena. 
    1. Mike Condon for audio engineering and record cleaning spray
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    4. Thursday nights come play at mothership!
  5. Our LGS has setup an online store!
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  6. Ep 57 Community Spotlight:
    1. PJ give a brief synopsis of what kind of content you create, and why folks should check it out
    2. What do we like most about creating content?
    3. What do we like least about creating content?
      1. Each of us talk about why
        1. Ryan - It started as a way to kind of keep a record for my kids (hence the #MtGDad moments every episode). Also, Magic is something I’m very passionate about.
    4. Why do we each create content?
      1. How much time do we each spend on the content we create each week?
        1. PJ
        2. Zack - 2ish recording, 2ish editing (4-6 when it’s video), unknown on twitter, various amounts of time for graphic design, various amounts mailing things. 1-hour planning episode with Ryan, 1 hour if writing show notes
        3. Ryan - 2ish hours on the night we record, 1 hour planning the show (more if it involves building a deck). 1 hour proofing the show each week. 1 hour uploading the show. There are lots of other various time things as well.
    5. Creating content takes time
      1. The Magic community is pretty friggin awesome
      2. When you create content consistently with another person, you really develop a special bond
      3. You get to know a lot of really awesome people, both other content creators, and your listeners/viewers
      4. It’s really cool the first time you meet, or interact with someone who you’ve helped make their life better (even if it’s just in some small way)
      5. You get to learn...like a LOT. I’ve always been a lifelong learner, and there’s pretty much no end to the stuff you can learn. Audio, video, lighting, web design, how to use social media, technology, woodworking, you name it.
    6. What makes creating content worth it?
      1. Find a co-host(s) you have chemistry with, who you can trust, who are committed (unless of course you’re doing a 1-person show)
      2. Figure out the name. Seriously, take a LOT of time with this. We were almost “Commander Onramp”.(no we weren’t -z)
      3. Register the domain, look to see if there is anything else out there, past or present with the same/similar name
      4. Get accounts on all of the social media sites, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail account, patreon, Youtube, the sky is the limit here. Also, keep current with new social media things as they come about, and register those accounts.
      5. Figure out a schedule you can commit to and BE CONSISTENT
        1. we used LogoOrbit, and it can be pretty costly. There are cheaper alternatives out there, fiver, etc etc
        2. We placed our initial order for about $150 on April 29th, 2019. We Finished up with them on June 14th, and we must have gone back and forth like 50 times. We think it was worth the time and effort
        3. We were willing to spend the time and money on getting a good logo, because this wasn’t our first podcast and we knew we were going to be in it for the long haul.
        4. You can always rebrand later, but you definitely want a logo before you ever publish your first episode
      6. Get a logo
      7. Make your content available EVERYWHERE. We use libsyn to do this.
      8. PJ - Anything especially important with YouTube?
      9. It will take TIME before you get a regular set of listeners/viewers. Like even more time than you think (probably, I’m sure there are other stories out there about someone becoming an overnight success). Be patient,
      10. Be active on social media!
      11. It will take a while to get good. Creating content is like any other skill, Playing Guitar, Playing Magic, Sewing, whatever. I know I was SOOOO self-conscious in the beginning. I am, and probably always will be my harshest critic, but you can’t let that stop you if creating content is truly something you want to do.
      12. Not every episode will be great. Trust us! However, each episode is likely something you can learn from. If you do this, and constantly strive to get better, you WILL get better over time.
    7. Tips for people thinking about starting a podcast/youtube channel
  7. Main Topic -Content Creation
    1. Creating content is NOT easy, but it CAN be worth it. What are some questions folks out in Audience Land have about creating content? Did you like this episode that was a lot less about playing Magic? 
  8. Summary
  9. Keep it Social!
    1. Komiku - Battle of Pogs
    2. https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
  10. Zack Gets it Together Theme
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